The original Chrome Soft golf ball changed the game for the modern player - with a super-soft core and tour performance layers for spin and shot making... it was a massive success.

But now... Callaway has gone a step further and released their newest premium ball, the Chrome Tour.  Already popular on tour, this golf ball has an even more defined focus on accuracy, reduced spin off the driver, and maximized spin around the greens.  Put some new ammo in your bag with the new Chrome Tour!


Callaway Chrome Tour golf balls

The New Gold Standard

Chrome Tour: Engineered for the better player seeking distance & feel.

Chrome Tour X: For the best players seeking speed and the ultimate in control.

Chrome Soft: For the aspirational player looking for a tour-quality ball.

Features and Benefits

Hyper Fast Soft Core: Creates exceptionally fast ball speed for long distance.

Seamless Tour Aero: Designed for consistently stable ball flights in any condition.

High-Performance Tour Urethane Soft Cover: For incredible greenside spin and control

Callaway Golf, one of the industry’s leaders in equipment design, performance, and innovation, announced their new line of Chrome Tour, Chrome Tour X, and Chrome Soft Golf Balls. From cover to core, these golf balls are the new gold standard in performance, and they will all be available at retail now.

  Every detail in this lineup has been optimized, including the new Hyper Fast Soft Core, mantle designs, new Tour Seamless Aero package, and the cover formulation. Each of these technologies are meticulously measured through industry-leading manufacturing, with over 100 million proof points, for the most consistent performance. Throughout the development, Callaway’s R&D team has worked extensively with some of the best Tour players in the game, incorporating their detailed feedback into the engineering and performance characteristics of these golf balls.   

Chrome Tour is engineered for better players who want the best in distance and feel. It provides outstanding performance with exceptional speed, consistent flight, incredible spin, and greenside control. The core is engineered for the optimized balance of long distance and soft feel. The aerodynamic package is built for consistently stable ball flights in any condition. Additionally, better players can aggressively go after shots from added spin through the bag, while the cover system provides outstanding control and Tour-level feel. 

Chrome Tour X is for the best players who want speed and the ultimate control from their Tour Ball. It provides outstanding distance, workability, and spin so you can experience your best performance from tee-to-green. The core promotes maximum ball speed and distance, especially off the driver, while the Seamless Tour Aero promotes consistently penetrating flight with enhanced workability for every club. Better players can also take advantage of the spin and workability in Chrome Tour X to hit the most precise iron and wedge shots.   

Completing the lineup, Chrome Soft provides outstanding performance with faster ball speeds, a new seamless Tour Aero to optimize your ball flight, increased greenside control, and soft feel. It’s built for aspirational players who are looking for a Tour quality ball. Chrome Tour, Chrome Tour X, and Chrome Soft will be available for purchase now!