Enhanced Package Protection for your Golf Equipment

We understand that not only is ordering the right products important for you and your game, but so to is your confidence that the products will arrive safely.  Our Enhanced Package Protection (EPP) provides you with peace of mind every time you purchase with us.

By adding EPP to your purchase you will receive protection against...

  • Theft on your doorstep
  • Undelivered products
  • Products damaged in transit
  • Shipment errors and unforeseen circumstances
  • Warranty coverage on every purchase you make

Simply choose the EPP as your shipping option at checkout and coverage begins immediately at time of purchase.

How it works...

Our comprehensive coverage takes all of the stress off of shopping online!  Once your product ships your EPP is active.  If your package arrives as ordered and in acceptable condition, then there is nothing more for you to do.  Your purchase and EPP coverage is complete.

If, however, your package does not arrive or arrives damaged, your EPP is there to protect you.  Simply email orders@canadianproshoponline.com with your order number and your issue, and our team will spring into action.  We will operate on your behalf to track down your package should it be lost.  If your parcel is damaged, we will also cover any costs to return the package and will send out a replacement or place an order for the replacement within 5 to 7 business days.  Should your missing package be determined lost or stolen, we will send or place the order for the replacement within a short period of time, usually 5 to 7 business days.

We understand in the need for additional protections when purchasing online, and our team is confident that our EPP program will provide excellent peace of mind with every purchase you make!

Need to file a claim?  Please email orders@canadianproshoponline.com or call Toll Free: 1-866-695-7123.

Fine print: Canadian Pro Shop Online reserves the right to determine whether a product has been lost or damaged through legitimate channels rather than through customer negligence.  Should customer negligence be determined, Canadian Pro Shop Online reserves the right to deny coverage.  Canadian Pro Shop Online also reserves the right to examine products where warranty protection is claimed to confirm with our brand partners that the reported defect is legitimate and not caused by misuse.  If Canadian Pro Shop Online determines the product is damaged due to misuse, the Canadian Pro Shop Online may deny the warranty.