Let me share with you one of the do's and one of the don'ts of the golfswing.  This important tip can quickly transform your game - and in very little time you can develop a move like a tour player!

As discussed in previous posts, the over-the-top move in the golf swing is just about the worst move you can make.  It kills power, destroys accuracy and murders the quality of the strike.  Whereas an inside move increases power, improves accuracy and delivers quality strikes.  So you should really do whatever you can to prevent the over-the-top move!

One simple way to understand what the over-the-top move looks like and how to quickly fix it, is to study hand action as the club moves to the top of the swing.

Below is a picture of Tiger Woods at the top of his swing.


The best players move their hands in a clockwise motion (from their perspective) as they transition from the top of the golf swing into the downswing.

Most amateur players move their hands in a counter-clockwise motion as they transition the club.  That's not good.

Here is a great drill to get a proper feel for how the hands should move in the golfswing:

Setup to the ball and take the club to the top of your golfswing and pause.  Now, without releasing your wrists, rotate your hands and the grip repeatedly in a clockwise manner.  That's great!  Now repeat this move many times until you feel comfortable enough to hit a ball.  Then, setup to a ball, try to mimic the clockwise rotation of the hands and hit some shots!

It'll take some time to get this move, but once you do, it will completely transform your swing for the better.  Good luck!

Lee Tamburano


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