Everyone wants to hit the golf ball farther, and everyone of any age or skill level can.  In order to bomb the ball out there, it is important to understand the two most important principles to maximizing distance.

There are only two ways to hit the ball farther...

  1. Swing the club faster
  2. Hit the sweet spot

ImageThat's it - we're done - head out there and give it a go!

Well, not quite, but we are almost there.  Let's break it down...

To swing the club faster it is important to understand that all of us have more than enough natural power to hit the ball farther, it's just hidden under layers of fear and swing mechanic fallacies.  The first way to swing the club faster is to change the way you think about the golf swing and speed.  If you can smash a pumpkin with a baseball bat, or whack an area rug with a broom, or knock the head off a dandelion with a stick - then you can hit a golf ball hard with your natural, god-given physical assets.  Our maximum speed is within us, we need to set it free!

How?  The best method to developing maximum swing speed - and developing the proper timing and release of a natural swinging action, is to pick-up a broom.  No, don't start cleaning your house, instead give yourself some room and take some long, smooth, repetitive golf swings with the broom.  Feel the broom as it flows as you take it back, loads as you transition into your downswing, and naturally accelerates and "whooshes" through and after impact.  Keep swinging in continuous rhythmic motions and gradually use your body, your torso, your major muscle groups to accelerate the broom.  Keep this swing free and liquid.  This is your perfect, power-maximizing golf swing.  This is the model for the swing you must emulate with a golf club in your hand.  The closer you get to swinging the club like you swing the broom, the closer you will get to attaining your maximum distance!

You must hit the sweet spot to maximize ball speed and therefore gain distance.  In order to hit the sweet spot, the club must attack the ball from inside the target line.  What does that mean?  Your divots should point just right of the intended target line.  You'll find this happens automatically when you swing the broom, but here's a drill that will help you develop the proper inside move with a golf club.

Place your ball on the grass and pick your target.  Stick a tee in the ground directly in front of the ball.  Stick a tee an inch to the right of the first tee.  Now practice making a fluid swing action where you hit the ball followed by the tee on the right.  This will force the club to come from the inside which is the most crucial part of hitting the ball solidly.

So to maximize your distance...

  1. swing the broom to develop a connection with your natural swing
  2. learn to hit the ball from the inside - hit the tee on the right

Let me know how this works - I look forward to hearing the results!

Lee Tamburano

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