I've been working with corporate clients for years - who are always looking for a great way to showcase their brand.  We certainly work with all sorts of custom products specializing in golf balls and golf-related products, but we also do a lot of custom logo apparel and headwear.  Often times I have clients who are looking for the lowest possible price on logo apparel, which is fine - there is definitely a need for affordable giveaways from time to time, especially t-shirts.

But, I also advise my clients that if they are putting their brand or company logo on a polo, or sweater, or hat - that they are giving as a gift to a client - the quality of the piece represents their brand.  What I mean by that, is that if you have an important client and you want to give them a gift as a thank you with your logo on it, it should be on an apparel brand that reflects the quality of your brand.  Giving a client a polo with your logo on the left chest on a no-name polo, to me, has no value.  However, giving a client a Nike polo, with your logo understated on the sleeve or under the back collar, actually makes an amazing gift!   When you are giving away product with your company logo on it, you want your client to appreciate it - in a perfect world - you want that piece to be one of their favourites.  A piece that they wear out to play golf, or out for dinner etc.

I have polos from Adidas with a small logo on the sleeve that are several years old, that are still my favourite and I wear all the time.  But the no-name polos I'm given always end up at the same place... Value Village.

So in summary, there is certainly a need for affordable giveaway products - but if you are giving a client a gift that represents your brand - make sure you spend a little more and get them a top brand.  They will appreciate it!