How to chip and putt - a great short game tip to score your best!

Here's a golf tip that will transform your short game...

When chipping or putting it's always best to keep your hands quiet or passive. Your hands can be twitchy and under pressure they can let you down - leading to sculled, thin or fat shots - or pulled or pushed putts.

You could use more shoulders, except I find that it reduces your feel or touch and it makes it hard to judge distance.

So, if can't get too handsy and your shoulders reduce feel - what to do?

I have a solution - focus on your left elbow. Instead of using your hands or shoulders to control the club or putter - use your left elbow to move the club back and release it through impact! The benefit of the left elbow is that it's not twitchy like your hands - so you can trust it. It also has more feel than your shoulders - so your distance control and touch will be great.

Try it - I guarantee it will shave strokes off your game!