The BEST Golfer of all time.  What does that mean?  It could mean that they have won more tournaments than anyone else - in that conversation would be Tiger, Sam Snead, Gary Player and Bernard Langer.  It could mean that they have won the most majors - Jack Nicklaus stands alone.  It could mean they hit the golf ball better than any other golfer - perhaps Ben Hogan, Moe Norman, Fred Couples and Bobby Jones?  You could argue for any of the above - but if you are looking for the BEST all around golfer including performance, personality, likability, ball striking and wins... Lee Trevino stands alone.  If you are not familiar with what Lee Trevino brought to the game of golf, here is a summary of "The Merry Mexican's" contributions to the game...

Lee Trevino, born on December 1, 1939, is a legendary figure in the world of professional golf, renowned for his exceptional skills, unorthodox playing style, and charismatic personality. His career, marked by triumphs and challenges, has left an indelible mark on the sport.

Trevino's journey to golfing stardom began in humble origins. Raised in a poor Mexican-American family in Dallas, Texas, he started working at a young age to support his family. Despite limited resources, he developed a passion for golf, honing his skills at a local course where he worked as a caddy. His unpretentious background and engaging personality endeared him to fans, making him one of the most beloved figures in the sport.

In the early 1960s, Trevino turned professional, facing the challenges of racial discrimination prevalent in the era. Undeterred, he demonstrated his prowess on the course, earning his first significant victory at the U.S. Open in 1968. This triumph marked the beginning of a remarkable period for Trevino, as he went on to secure six major championships in his career.

One of Trevino's distinctive traits was his unorthodox and improvisational playing style. Rather than conforming to traditional techniques, he relied on his innate talent and creativity. His ability to shape shots and navigate challenging courses set him apart from his peers. This unconventional approach contributed to his success, as he claimed victories at prestigious events, including The Open Championship and the PGA Championship.

Trevino's success was not limited to major championships; he amassed numerous wins on the PGA Tour. His consistency and competitiveness placed him among the elite golfers of his time. He was a force to be reckoned with in various formats, excelling in both stroke play and match play competitions.

Beyond his accomplishments on the course, Trevino's magnetic personality made him a fan favorite. His humor, affability, and relatability endeared him to audiences worldwide. His witty one-liners and anecdotes added a touch of entertainment to the often-serious world of professional golf, making him a beloved figure both inside and outside the ropes.

As with any storied career, Trevino faced challenges. Injuries and personal struggles tested his resilience, but he demonstrated an unwavering determination to overcome adversity. His ability to bounce back from setbacks showcased not only his athletic prowess but also his mental fortitude.

Lee Trevino's impact extends beyond the golf course. His journey from a challenging upbringing to golfing greatness is an inspiring tale of perseverance and talent. He broke barriers, challenged conventions, and left an enduring legacy in the world of sports. His contributions to the game, both in terms of athletic achievements and cultural influence, have solidified his place as a true icon in the history of golf.

Here's a summary of Lee Trevino's golf achievements:

  1. Six Major Championships: Lee Trevino secured six major championships during his illustrious career. His major victories include the U.S. Open (1968, 1971), The Open Championship (1971, 1972), and the PGA Championship (1974, 1984). These triumphs solidified his status as one of the premier golfers of his era.

  2. U.S. Open Triumphs (1968, 1971): Trevino's first major victory came at the 1968 U.S. Open at Oak Hill Country Club. He then claimed his second U.S. Open title in 1971 at Merion Golf Club, showcasing his ability to navigate challenging courses and compete at the highest level.

  3. Back-to-Back Open Championships (1971, 1972): Trevino became the first player since 1953 to win The Open Championship in consecutive years. His victories in 1971 at Royal Birkdale and in 1972 at Muirfield established him as a force in international golf.

  4. PGA Championship Wins (1974, 1984): Trevino's first PGA Championship victory came in 1974 at Tanglewood Park. A decade later, he secured his second PGA Championship title in 1984 at Shoal Creek, showcasing his enduring competitiveness.

  5. 27 PGA Tour Wins: In addition to his major victories, Trevino accumulated 27 wins on the PGA Tour. His consistent performance and ability to thrive in various tournament formats demonstrated his versatility and skill on the course.

  6. Three Ryder Cup Appearances: Lee Trevino represented the United States in three Ryder Cup competitions (1969, 1973, 1985), contributing to the team's success. His team spirit and match play prowess added to his legacy in international golf competitions.

  7. World Golf Hall of Fame Induction (1981): In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the sport, Trevino was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1981. This honor solidified his place among the golfing greats.

That's why we think Lee could definitely be considered the BEST golfer!