how to hit a chip shot

Chipping can be difficult.  There are a lot variables to hitting a good chip - Is the ball sitting up - sitting down?  How much loft do I need?  How thick is the rough?  How far do I carry it, how far do I roll it?  Do I hit down on it?  Should my hands be ahead of the ball at impact?  Should I use a 9 iron - PW - SW?  What if it checks up - what if it doesn't?

Well there is a simple solution to solve your chipping woes - scull your chips.  That's right, thin 'em.  Take out a 7 irons and hit the most beautiful sculled shots you've ever seen!  The benefits of sculling your chips are huge...

  • The ball NEVER checks up - it rolls out everytime
  • The lie doesn't matter.  As long as the equator of the ball is visible, you are good to go!
  • Hit it like a putt - get some topspin to keep the ball moving on line
  • No need to worry about funny bounces that knock the ball offline
  • No need to guess at how much carry vs. roll - it's all roll
  • Practice with and use just one club

Now, this technique works on any shot around the green excluding sand or flop shots.  Don't scull those or you'll be chasing your ball through the parking lot!

Lee Tamburano - Ottawa Golf Guru


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