So he's done it, this charismatic kid - who is just as comfortable on a mountain bike as he is on the golf course - has earned his first PGA Tour victory.  You could see the inherent talent in Rickie right from the start, as he quickly totaled numerous high finishes in events on the PGA Tour.  His magnetic personality, good looks, unique fashion sense and great play has quickly vaulted him to the top - he has become a star - the Justin Bieber of golf.

And... he has a really good golfswing.

Rickie Fowler golf swing - Ben Hogan like

What's unique about Rickie's swing vs. the numerous golfswings you see on tour is that it is very much a classic golfswing, circa 1950.  Rickie's load and his transition move from the top - while not something you would likely teach today - is reminiscent of one of the best players in the history of the game, Ben Hogan.

ben hogan golf swing at the top

Like Hogan, Rickie loads his right side completely at the top of the swing then initiates the downswing with a slight lateral bump of his left hip toward the target.  This causes his hands to drop onto a shallow plane without losing any load - in fact it increases his load.  From this position he continues to rotate his body around a central pivot point accelerating the club and getting maximum compression at impact.  The advantage of this move is that there is very little pressure on the left knee through and after impact, speed is generated by maximizing shaft load and lag.  As such, Rickie's swing is a lot friendlier on his body, specifically his left knee.  This will allow him to maximize distance for many decades and minimize injury - two keys to a long and successful career.

It's Rickie's first win - but the first of many, and I anticipate he will be a factor in many tournaments, majors and Ryder Cups for decades to come!

Lee Tamburano - Ottawa Golf Guru

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