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How to hit the golf ball farther - 2 simple steps!

Everyone wants to hit the golf ball farther, and everyone of any age or skill level can.  In order to bomb the ball out there, it is important to understand... En savoir plus

A divot - how is that not ground under repair?

It really grinds my gears that you can stripe a tee shot down the centre of the fairway and get penalized for it.  You can take free relief from a... En savoir plus

How to hit great bunker shots... Sand shot tips that work!

You really should have a list of priorities when you step into the greenside bunker to play a bunker shot.  This list - in order of importance - could look... En savoir plus

How to Stop Slicing - Now! How to hit a draw!

Most golfers slice the ball.  It's a fact.  And there are many different devices, books, theories and hours spent trying to fix that dreaded over-the-top move.  It's not an easy... En savoir plus

The best putting of your life... Putt better - Score better

So here's the deal.  Most of what you hear about putting is probably wrong.  True, the golf swing continues to become modernized as we adapt to lighter drivers, larger heads,... En savoir plus